The blind auditions are over on 'The Voice.'  Blake Shelton was the first to fill his team with Jacqui Sandell, who won him over with Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams.'  But he had to fight Usher to get her.


Blake tried comparing their tattoos to have Jacqui choose to be on his team.  The only problem is, Usher has way more tattoos than Blake.  Something worked.  Jacqui decided to be on Team Blake.  A decision Blake may have regretted after hearing Amy Carrington sing Carrie Underwood's 'Good Girl.'  Since his team was full, he couldn't turn his chair.  She joined Adam Levine's team and Blake is kicking himself on missing out on great talent.  But he's hoping he can steal her in the later rounds.  Watch both auditions and get ready for the battle rounds to begin next Monday night at 8 on NBC.

Jacqui Sandell 'Dreams'

Amy Carrington 'Good Girl'