It wasn't a very good night for Team Blake during night 5 of the blind auditions on 'The Voice.'  Blake Shelton didn't add one singer, although he pushed his button several times.  See who he lost to the other coaches in the night 5 recap.

Collin McLoughlin
Collin dropped out of grad school, much to his families dismay, to follow his dreams.  It worked.  Everyone but Christina Aguilera wanted him for their team after he sang Cat Steven's 'Wild World.'  Blake tried to win Collin over by saying 'I was just sold on you from the second you started singing.  You had me.'  But Cee Lo Green reminded Blake, he hit his button first.  Blake thought he was doing something else. 'I think you were reaching for your phone and accidentally hit your button.'  It wasn't who turned around first it was Adam Levine's pitch that won Collin over. 'You're one of the purest singers I've heard on the show so far and one of the best tones as far as pitch goes and I think you should be on my team.'  And he is.

Collin McLoughlin 'Wild World'

Former race car driver Benji, went from racing to music.  He had Adam Levine from the first few notes into 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door.'  He had Cee Lo Green when he hit the high scream; a scream Adam Levine says 'should be heard by the entire world.'  I'm surprised Christina Aguilera didn't push her button when he hit the last note that made her gasp. She did think he sounded a bit like Adam Levine.  But Blake didn't think 'he sounded like a jackass at all.'  Blake didn't hit his button and may have lost out on a potential 'Voice' final contender.  At least in Adam's opinion, who told Benji 'you could win up winning this thing. I think you're that special.'

Benji 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door'

Mycle Wastman
Mycle is a perfect example of not judging a book by its cover and what 'The Voice' is all about.  Who would think he'd have that much soul just looking at him.  Adam and Cee Lo both turned their chairs almost immediately into Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together.'  Cee Lo tried pulling the same last name card saying 'That's my godfather's song.  I'm named after Al Green.' Adam quickly denied the fact.  'That is not true.'  Adam admitted Mycle was a surprise. 'When I turned around I did not expect you to be you, and I'm so happy you are you, because it's so different. I want you very badly to be on my team.'  When the name dropping didn't work, Cee Lo played the soul card. 'Right here, right now, in 2012, nobody does soul music better than Cee Lo Green. So you should be on my team.'  It took Blake a little longer to get on board, but he finally pushed his button too and told Mycle  he was the 'best vocalist we've heard today.  That is fact.'  Blake's pitch wasn't very convincing , Mycle ended up choosing the soul man, Cee Lo.

Mycle Wastman 'Let's Stay Together'

Lets hope Blake can add more members to his team when the blind auditions continue Monday night on NBC. I'm a little worried about the strength of his team so far.  The other 3 judges are picking up strong vocalists and Blake's team doesn't have any standouts yet.  Maybe the best is yet to come for team Blake who took the title last year with Jermaine Paul.