Blake Shelton is always one to find something humorous in anything.  Thus this recent Twitter Photo he captioned:

Just trying to fit in around here.

How about Blake's take on the reality TV show he'll be on?  Read on.Blake will be one of the five coaches/judges on NBC TV's "The Voice."  In this competition,the  judge/coach will sometimes have to convince the contestants to choose them as their mentor.  In an interview with "Entertainment Weekly", Blake discusses how he will convince them to choose him.

“I would tell ‘em how the other artists are truly losers and that they didn’t really do anything to get themselves to the point they’re at in their career. They counted on other people. I, on the other hand, did it completely by myself and if they pick the other artist, there’s a good chance they’ll lose the entire competition,” he deadpans. “You know, just helpful tips like that.”

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