Blake Shelton's team continues to grow as blind auditions continued on 'The Voice,' but none of the additions were country singers.  Adam Levine was the coach to add a country guy to his team, picking up Justin Blake who sang one of Blake Shelton's songs.


Justin Blake

Justin Blake performed 'Sure Be Cool If You Did' and Adam was the only coach who turned his chair to have him on his team.  Shelton appreciated Justin's efforts, even though he didn't turn his chair, 'You picked a good one. That takes nerve to come out and do one of my songs.'  Which was news to Adam, 'I didn't even know that was one of your songs.'  Adam felt bad and the two boys kissed and made up.  I wonder if he'll feel as bad if he wins the show with a country singer.  I doubt it.


Justin Blake 'Sure Be Cool If You Did'


Monika Leigh

Monika Leigh had all 3 male coaches in a #manfight to have her on their team after her bluesy performance of 'The Thrill is Gone.' As Adam and Cee Lo fought among themselves, Blake told Monika 'I fell in love with your voice. It would make me want to turn my stereo up if you came on the radio. It's something that you have and I can give you three reasons you should pick me.'  Blake then proceeded to pull out his three winning Voice trophies.  It must have worked, since she choose to be on Blake's team even though she's not a country singer.  But out of Blake's 3 wins, only one was with a country singer, Danielle Bradbury.

Monika Leigh 'The Thrill is Gone'

Ray Boudreaux

Single dad Ray Boudreaux had Blake and Cee Lo fighting to have him on their team after singing 'Use Me.' Adam was confused on who Ray should choose saying, 'You look like Blake and you sound like Cee Lo. It's really blowing my mind.'  But Blake didn't agree 'He doesn't look like Blake. He's thin.'  Adam for once, agreed with Blake 'He's better looking. He's a more handsome than Blake.' Ray choose to go with #TeamBlake.

Ray Boudreaux  'Use Me'

Briana Cuoco

Briana Cuoco, is looking to step out from the shadow of her famous sister Kaley, who plays Penny on 'The Big Bang Theory.'  And did just that after performing 'You and I.' The bad news is, Kaley will have to hire a new personal assistant now that Briana made it on #TeamXtina.

Briana Cuoco 'You and I'

Blind auditions continue tonight NBC. Will Shawn Smith of Boonville be on? Tune in at 8pm to find out and don't forget to show your support with our 'I Support Shawn Smith' poster.

Show Your Support For Shawn Smith on 'The Voice'

'The Voice ' continues tonight, but will we see Boonville's Shawn Smith 's audition? There are only 3 more nights of blind auditions left and from the new NBC promo, it looks like Shawn's audition ends well. Shawn, from the band Showtime, looks extremely happy in the video clip, which could only mean someone turned their chair to have him on their team.