The talent and fights to grab them are heating up on 'The Voice.' Blake Shelton added one more to his team, convincing crooner Noah Lis to choose #TeamBlake.

Noah Lis

Noah Lis had Adam Levine and Blake fighting to have him join their team after singing 'Me & Mrs Jones.'  Blake won him over saying 'to be a crooner you have to not give a crap.  Do you know anyone in the business who gives less of a crap than me?'

Noah Lis 'Me & Mrs Jones'

Cary Laine

Cary Laine came out in her red cowboy boots and got a #4chair turn with her performance of 'Better Dig Two' You'd think, despite the coaches fighting to have her join their teams, it'd be a no brainer to choose #TeamBlake. Surprisingly, Cary choose Adam.  Say what?!

Cary Laine 'Better Dig Two'

Deja Hall

16 year-old Deja Hall had Usher, Shakira and Blake fighting over her after singing 'True Colors.'  Despite Blake explaining he's won the show with a 16 year-old and offering to 'adopt her' she choose #TeamShakira.  May have been a good choice. Going from a military family to Blake's family would be too much of a culture shock.

Deja Hall 'True Colors'

Madilyn Paige

Madilyn Paige's 'Titanium' had Usher and Shakira fighting for her to join their teams. Usher used the 'Beiber' card, having worked with him in the past and winning Madilyn over.  You'd think that would have hurt rather than helped him considering all of Beiber's recent legal troubles.

Madilyn Paige 'Titanium'

'The Voice' blind auditions continue next Monday night on NBC at 8.

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