Blake Shelton is having a tough time finding artists for his team this season on 'The Voice.'  Usher, Shakira and Adam Levine's teams are filling up, but Blake keeps losing the fight over top talent during blind auditions. He did pick up two more, including the singer of the night with Sisaundra Lewis.

Sisaundra Lewis

Sisaundra Lewis, who worked with Celine Dion for five years, had the performance of the night, with 'Ain't No Way.' All 4 coaches turned their chairs and even though Blake admitted 'I'm completely in over my head, but I'd buy your record if it came out tomorrow. Please pick me.'  Shockingly, she did and could be the one to give #TeamBlake his 4th 'Voice' win.

Sisaundra Lewis 'Ain't No Way'

Ryan Whyte Maloney

Ryan Whyte Maloney opened the third night of blind auditions with 'Lights' and a voice Adam Levine compared to Steve Perry. Blake argued Ryan had his own sound. 'I freakin' love it. I don't know how you get that high but then look that studly. I think you're a stud; a completely unique stud that doesn't sound like anybody else.'  The argument worked. Ryan went with the advice from his son and picked #TeamBlake, giving Shelton another #4chair win.

Ryan Whyte Maloney 'Lights'

The blind auditions continue tonight on NBC at 8.