Blake Shelton was busy picking up artists as the blind auditions continued on 'The Voice.' Country duo Alaska and Madi, teen pop singer Ria Eaton, Tanya Tucker's niece Cali Tucker and Latin girl Paula DeAndaall joined #TeamBlake, leaving only one spot left.

Alaska & Madi

I know I'm screwed here

Country duo Alaska & Madi had Adam Levine fighting a lost cause against Blake Shelton after their performance of 'Barton Hollow,' and he knew it saying 'I know I'm screwed here.' Not only did the girls, wearing cowboy boots, take part in Oklahoma Kids, the same competition Blake participated in years ago, they were from Blake's home state of Oklahoma. He compared them to the Pistol Annies, and used the 'wife card' again saying 'I'm married to one of those.'  It was a match made in heaven and despite Adam's best pitch, the girls chose to join #TeamBlake.

Alaska & Madi 'Barton Hollow'

NBC via YouTube

Ria Eaton

Blake had to fight Shakira for Ria Eaton after her raspy performance of 'Cups.' As he tried to convince her to join his team, Adam and Usher ganged up on him saying 'sounds a little dishonest. You're not really being sincere.'  'What the hell is this, Sports Center,' Blake asked. 'I wasn't feeling it. I felt a little canned, like he says that a lot' Adam explained. Blake wanted to know, 'is this Siskel & Ebert over here. What are you doing?'  Supporting Shakira is what they were doing but Blake pointed out 'I'm not so sure an endorsement from you guys is going to do her any favors.' He was right, as usual. Ria chose to join #TeamBlake rather than Shakira's team.

Ria Eaton 'Cups'

Paula DeAnda

This is a no brainer.' What do you mean it's a no brainer. I haven't even got a chance to talk yet'

Blake found himself fighting Shakira again over Paula DeAnda. Adam sided with Shakira telling Paula 'this is a no brainer.' 'What do you mean it's a no brainer. I haven't even got a chance to talk yet' Blake quickly chimed in. Once he did talk, he convinced Paula to join his team, which surprised me. I was sure she was going with Shakira.

Paula DeAnda 'The Way'

Cali Tucker

Tanya Tucker's niece Cali Tucker wasn't given much TV time. We only got to hear a few notes of her performance. Lets hope we'll hear more in the battle rounds.

Cali Tucker 'Black Velvet'

Jake Barker

Jake Barker who had never performed in public before, had three of the four chairs turn. He went with Usher.

Jake Barker 'When I Was Your Man'

Josh Kaufman

Josh Kaufman had the performance of the night with a #4chair turn and a standing ovation. I was surprised the soul singer didn't go with Usher, choosing to join Adam's team.

Josh Kaufman 'One More Try'

NBC via YouTube

The back and forth between the coaches is almost more entertaining to watch than the actual performances.  Usher and Shakira are a perfect fit for the Shevine bromance. Now if we could just get a red loveseat for Blake since Adam won't sit in his own chair.

The blind auditions wrap up tonight on NBC at 8.