Black Friday shopping is just around the corner.  Many stores are getting a jump start by opening Thanksgiving night.  If you're planning to head out into the crowded stores to get the best deals, here's a few tips to keep in mind.

1- Be prepared. Research the Black Friday ads and outline exactly what you want to purchase.

2- Make a list. If it works at the grocery store, it works for holiday shopping.  It'll keep you from buying extra items just because they are on sale.

3- Be ready to stand in line so wear your comfy shoes

4- Know your store’s hours (some stores open Thanksgiving night while others are waiting until Friday morning)

5- Keep your receipts in case you got caught up in the Black Friday madness and bought things you really don't want.  For easy access after the holidays, keep receipts in an envelope marked Christmas.  That way if something doesn't fit or doesn't work, you can find the receipt easily.

6- Go in groups. Split up and grab gifts for each other.  It saves time and hassle.  The fewer lines you have to stand in the better.

7- Don't let the large crowds and long lines get to you.  If you're friendly you'll be amazed at how people will help you, even in the craziness.  A smile goes a long way.

Or do what I do and just skip Black Friday and wait for Cyber Monday instead. No lines, no crowds and you can shop in your underwear if you want.

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