Black Friday is still over a week away, but several shoppers are already camping out to be the first to get great deals.  Tents are set up outside an Ohio Best Buy.

Jonas Allooh and nine friends are camping out in rotating shifts. Their tent has a spcae heater, a bed, microwave oven, a television and a game console. The men are in line to buy a TV and computer monitor.

Tony Avitar is Allooh's next door neighbor. It's a tradition for Avitar, who has camped out for Black Friday deals for the past 11 years. He tells Fox 8 News, 'I think it was the second year I did it; nobody had the bright idea of camping out in tents. So, we just did sleeping bags on the sidewalk, and it was freezing rain for sixteen hours.'

I don't know about you, but there is NO deal good enough, that I would camp out for over a week. There isn't a deal good enough to even get me out on Black Friday.

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