In many ways, Billy Ray Cyrus' life is falling apart.  In a recent GQ interview, he's pointing the finger at "Hannah Montana," the show that made his daughter Miley a superstar.  Cyrus says the Disney show is a huge part of what tore apart his home life.

Cyrus and his wife Tish filed for divorce in October.  He later moved out of the family home in Los Angeles. 

Billy Ray has watched his 18 year old daughter go through struggles of her own, including a well-publicized bong smoking incident that was all over the internet.  He says Miley is surrounding herself with the wrong people and he is being forced out fo her life.  He says he has no part in her professional life, except to occasionally stand up and take the blame when Miley got in trouble.  But Billy Ray put an end to taht when it came to Miley's 18th birthday party.  He refused to attend because he says he knew it was being held in a bar and he knew he was only wanted for damage control.

Cyrus says he's written an entire album's worth of songs about the recent events in his life, but his next album release will likely be a collectoin of patriotic songs called "I'm American."  It should be out around Memorial Day.