You could be running this year's Utica Boilermaker with Biggest Loser winner, Danni Allen.  She'll be the featured guest at the Boilermaker expo July 12th and 13th, leading stretching exercises at the Kid's Run July 13th.  Danni will also take part in the 5K race July 14th.

You may remember Danni on the latest Biggest Loser.  She lost her entire team early in the season, leaving her as the only one on Jillian Michaels' team.  In the end, Danni won by one pound.  But she won so much more than the Biggest Loser title and a quarter million dollars. She won her life back and a love for running.

Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

When we spoke with Danni after her win, she said she didn't know what the future held for her but she was looking forward to it. 'I don’t know exactly but I do know I want to pay it forward. I’m excited to actually call myself a runner and I can’t believe I’m not gagging when I say that.  I’m going to do the Chicago marathon in October and I have other running events set up so I can run across the nation this year and spread what I’ve learned.’

We're excited she'll be sharing her experience and knowledge locally, especially with the  kids. Three children took part in the show, for the first time in BL history. ‘I think this was a win for America.  Did you see those kids? Did you see the entire season? Everyone just knocked it out of the park. I think it was a great ‘Challenge America’ season.’

Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Next month she'll challenge Utica. I'm almost tempted to sign up to run along side her.  Almost, but not quite!

Danni Allen Interview After Her Win