Less than a year and 200 pounds later, Big Vinny Hickerson of Trailer Choir is so much richer than any prize he could have won on NBC's 'The Biggest Loser.'  He's gained a fiance, a leaner body, a new outlook on life and he's among the hottest men of the year.  Although a number of his fans feel he should have been higher on the list than #10, Vinny is just proud to be considered hot.  Besides his proposal and his amazing weight loss, Vinny says making the list is 'one of his proudest moments since the show.'

Big Vinny has a lot to be proud of.  He's lost over 200 pounds since he landed in the hospital Superbowl Sunday.  Most of those pounds were shed on the Biggest Loser ranch but Vinny began his weight loss journey before even starting the show.  And just 8 months later he can finally see his progress.  He says 'It use to be I couldn't see all of me in the mirror.  I had look at one side at a time but now I can see my whole self in the mirror.'

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It isn't just Vinny's appearance that has changed.  He's recognized on the street wherever he goes'I've met a number of great people including Texas Titan Keith Bullock.  It was cool to run into Steven Baldwin. What a great guy, he was so down to earth and a fan of the show.  He said he and his kids watched and were proud of what I was able to do.'

The reaction on Vinny's transformation has been 'disbelief' from family and friends. 'I never thought I'd lose 184 pounds.  I kinda thought I'd lose 100 and they probably thought I'd lose 80 or 90.  Because that's a lot of weight. If you lose that much weight, you're losing a ton. I lost a whole full grown man off my back.'

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Vinny had so many memorable moments on the show but one stands out. 'When I hit my knee and asked Lori to be my wife is my proudest moment.'  I think the proposal was everyone's proudest moment who watched this season.  So any wedding details? Vinny says 'We're looking at 10/11/12 as a wedding date and I'm letting her plan everything. In fact, I played a trick on her when she asked for my help to plan the wedding. I said let's have a big field with a flat bed trailer for a band to play, and my family will bring their favorite dish to have a potluck.  That automatically got me out of any planning duties.'

And now that Vinny is done competing, it's Lori's turn. He says 'she's entered the Brides proposal awards for the best proposal.  And I don't know anyone could beat our story with a private concert from Thomspon Square at the Grand Ole Opry and me on one knee in the old circle on stage.  But regardless if we win or not, I'm going to take her on an amazing honeymoon.  She's competitive and  just wants to win something.'  The happy couple is in second place so lets vote and help them out.

Vinny may have lost the $100,00 at home prize on the Biggest Loser by 4 pounds, but he's still grateful. 'I think one of the biggest things that kept me from winning the money is I put on 57 pounds of muscle while I was losing all this weight.  But I'd rather have the muscle than the money.  I'll use the muscle to make more money.'

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The finale has come and gone.  The TV and radio interviews are done.  So what's next for Vinny and Trailer Choir?  Whatever he wants.  He says 'we're limitless. I'm writing a book about my journey on the show, a kids book with bandmate Butter and I'm looking into movies and acting.  A role in Dumb & Dumber II is a possibility.'  Talk about type casting.

Trailer Choir will also be on the road, entertaining their fans with a new song. 'Love Me First,' written by Butter, is about everything Vinny went through this past year.  He says 'you feel selfish when you put yourself first, but I didn't realize putting myself first and loving myself first, that it was going to inspire so many people.'  The song explains Vinny's journey perfectly, almost like Butter was at the ranch when Vinny was going through his transformation.  No wonder they make great songwriters together.

Bigg Vinny Mack

Fame hasn't changed the Big Vinny who gave everyone at FrogFest a hug, picture and an autograph who wanted one'No matter what happens, I'll always be Big Vinny because of my big heart, my big smile and my big personality.  I'm never going to change those things. When everyone says I want to be a star, I just want be a good person that helps other people.  And if I can do that while living my dreams, then that's even more exciting.'

So whats going to happen to those famous overalls? Vinny being Vinny replies 'you've always wanted to get in my overalls. But seriously I'm going to be giving a bunch to my brother who is still on his weight loss journey.'  And he's lost over 25 pounds so far.  We wish him the best of luck.  With brother Vinny sharing what he's learned, he'll surely succeed.  As for those Biggest Loser shirts.  Vinny says 'I have probably about 40 shirts I wore on the ranch and I'm going to do some giveaways on my Facebook and do some charity stuff.'

The only question left is; can Vinny still do the worm? 'Better and higher than ever before.'  And we can't wait to see him and his worm soon.  Hopefully at FrogFest next year where he promises to deliver 'a Trailer Choir show unlike any show you've ever seen.  I'll come and host the show if I have to.'  Vinny and Butter can just perform and Jeremiah B Frog can host.  What do you think?

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Trailer Choir 'Love Me First'

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