It was about 10 years ago that Big and Rich turned the country music world on it's ear with their hit "Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy."  While the duo continues to release projects, each also carry on solo endeavors.  Big Kenny has created a new sound he calls, Electro Shine.  Check out the "why" behind it and watch the video to the first song, "Dance On Solid Ground."  Warning it may not be suitable for work.


After not finding a lot of success trying the straight forward path of country music as solo artists, Big Kenny Alphin and John Rich banded together in 2001 and help found the Muzik Mafia.  They vowed to do what they love; write, perform and produce music without boundaries and without regards to commercialism.  In describing "electro shine," Kenny calls it "smashing acoustic stringed music together with Electro Dance Music" and adds that "This has now become The New Revolution of Muzika Without Prejudice."

Through trial, error, and a whole hell of a lot of "seat-of-our-brow-luck-and-genius," we introduce to you what is now the trademarked and revered good times of: ELECTRO SHINE. Electro Shine is continually being conceived, idealized and envisioned by Big Kenny, Dean Emeritus of the world renowned University of Creativity; a Love Everybody holding.


The video for his first single, "Dance On Solid Ground" is a video trip down memory lane and comes with a warning the it "may cause extreme happiness and may trigger epileptic seizures in some photosensitively susceptible."  Give it a watch and let us know what you think below.