How can someone so small make such a big mess?  After two boys destroyed a house with one bag of flour, we asked you to share your story of kid messes. 

Flour can make a mess, but so can maple syrup.  Imagine the sticky liquid on your new carpet.

Kids aren't the only ones who can make a mess.  Sometimes big kids, like your husband, can cause a mess too.  Especially if he doesn't know regular soap can't be put into a dishwasher.

Bonnie shared a time with her brother on Facebook when they had fun with meatballs.  Why are all messes food involved?

Tadpole was a messy kid too.  He shared a story of spilling lard in his father's new car.  Since he was an only child, there was no one else to blame the mess on.

Kids destroy house with flour


If you have kids and pets, the messes can be twice as big.  This little boy had a dog food disaster when he tried to feed the family pet.

Without kids our lives would be so boring.  Thanks for sharing your kid mess stories.  Its nice to smile and laugh at someone else's misfortune.