Big Frog salutes all moms this Frog Freebie Weekend.  Let's start with the Top 5 Momma songs of country music.  As David Alan Coe said, "it ain't the perfect country and western song unless it mentions mama."The list would have to include the classic ode to Mom from Merle Haggard, "Mama Tried."  A song that was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

The Wilkinsons are a Canadian Group that featured a father and his son and daughter.  While being a big hit north of the border for several years, their big US hit came in 1998 with "26 Cents."  As a the daughter is leaving home, mom givers her a quarter for the phone call and a penny for her thoughts.

This may not seem fair, but Carrie Underwood has a pair of songs that will make most Top 5 Momma song lists.  "Don't Forget to Remember Mel" was her second song released to country radio and the one that cemented her move to country music.  It's also marks the first appearance of Carrie's mom in a video.

Carrie's second song on the list is one that she co-wrote.  And while many will say it wasn't one of her best hits it did make number it to #2 on the charts.  Not only is "Mama's Song" about Carrie's mom, but mom and hubby, Mike Fisher are both in the video.

And while others may not see it, Dad can.  And Trace Adkins explains it best in "One Hot Mama."

No matter how you spell it, Mama or Momma, is an important person in everyone's life. That's our list, what would yours be?