We all have our favorite teams and players. Mine is, well...let's look at one of many people's favorite teams, the New York Yankees. And, according to ESPN, Babe Ruth is still the most wanted name in baseball memorabilia. Recently, a baseball jersey worn by the "Bambino" sold for more that $4.4 million, based on SCP Auctions in California (Don't worry New York fans, it was a 1920 Yankees uniform top, not a Red Sox jersey from when he played there).

On top of that, literally, the 1934 Babe Ruth cap that was owned by former Yankee pitcher David Wells sold for over $500,000 at auction. Wells originally paid $30,000 for the cap and wore it on the mound once during a Yankee game on June 28, 1997.

I once was in a bidding war for a Doug Flutie Buffalo Bills jersey, but when the price went over $300, I came to my senses and let it go to someone else.