As the warmer weather approaches, many fans of the hit TV show "Big Brother" are itching for summer to get here faster. It seems the shows host Julie Chen is the same, and may have accidentally leaked the theme for 2014's Season 16 theme. 

Host Julie Chen posted the possible Big Brother 15 spoilers in a response to a fan who tweeted her about the upcoming season. Our sources at BigBrotheraccess report the tweet was later deleted hinting she may have dropped a major hint.

Why else would she delete a tweet if she didn't think she was doing anything wrong?

The tweet hinted about heroes and villains. Would it be a heroes and villains season like Survivor? I guess time will tell.

Normally, we would have just thought Julie was making a general reference about the future heroes and villains to emerge from the Big Brother 2014 cast. Not that she was actually leaking something about this season being a “heroes versus villains” theme like we’ve had on CBS reality TV shows like Survivor in the past.

But then… she deleted the tweet. Why would she do that? Was she just trying to keep people from needlessly speculating about a possible theme that wasn’t actually going to happen? Or did she have an honest slip of the tongue and reveal more than she should have?"

You can see the tweet here.

Would you enjoy a heroes and villains season?