Did you catch the all new Big Brother Season 16? Here's our episode recap:

Check this link throughout the night for updates.

Julie started the night off by teasing two new twists to this season, along with introducing the house guests. So far we met a DJ, janitor, soccer player, dancer/youtube star, a athletic girl, baseball player, a small town girl, a make up girl. Apparently the house guests only had one hour to pack!

Once the first eight houseguests got settled, two alliances were formed:

1) Crazy Eights, which is the first eight who entered the house.

2) El Cuatro, an all girls team.

We also got informed of THE FIRST TWIST: The HOH does not guarantee you safety in the house!

After the first HOH Competiton, Frankie James Grande was crowned the first HOH. Oh by the way, his sister is the singer Ariana Grande.

After the HOH challenge we found out THE SECOND TWIST: This season there will be two HOH's. Two head of houses? You bet! By the end of the week, only one HOH will be left in the house.

THE THIRD TWIST is "Team America" where viewers get to vote house guests into a secret alliance. Almost like a fantasy football league.

More twists will be announced on June 26th!