There's an uproar in the Big Brother house after only two episodes, but if you don't subscribe to the live feed, you aren't aware of it.  Fans are up in arms on social media over racist and offensive comments made by Aaryn.  The outrage has led to her being dropped by her modeling agency Zephyr Talent.


Aaryn is accused of calling a gay house guest 'queer,' saying 'shut up and go and make some rice' to an Asian-American house guest and 'be careful what you say in the dark, you might not be able to see that b*tch' to an African American contestant.

Fans are upset Big Brother isn't showing Aaryn's true colors on the episodes that air on CBS.  They've even started a petition to have CBS expel her from the house.  It already has over 3000 signatures.

I'm upset her comments aren't being aired too, but more upset someone who seems so sweet could be so ugly!  She'll have more to deal with than looking for a new modeling agency when she's evicted from the Big Brother house.  And believe me, she'll be voted out soon if that racist behavior continues.

Aaryn is proof that beauty is only SKIN DEEP!

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