Controversy seems to be the one Big Brother houseguest that just won't leave. The CBS reality show has already made headlines after contestants used racial and homophobic slurs.  Now Spencer Clawson continued the trend by making jokes about child pornography, a subject that should NEVER be joked about!

Police in his hometown of Arkansas took notice. According to TMZ the police chief said 'The Conway Police Department was alerted to comments made. Due to the nature of the comments, our department moved quickly to look into the matter. At this time we haven't found that any criminal act was committed.'

You can read what Spencer said at TMZ and watch the video.  I refuse to put his disgusting words here.  God bless Andy for trying his best to change the subject by asking 'what's for dinner.'

I'm a HUGE Big Brother fan and use to be a Spencer fan.  After hearing this however, I hope Spencer goes next!  This type of behavior should not have to be tolerated. I'm disgusted anyone would even joke about something like this.  Doesn't anyone remember cameras are watching their every more and recording their EVERY word!

CBS started running a disclaimer at the beginning of each show after Aaryn and GinaMarie caused trouble with racial slurs.


Aaryn was dropped from her modeling agency after hearing her comments.  GinaMarie lost her job as well.  Big Brother host Julie Chen even addressed the racial house guests on her talk show.

Big Brother Airs Racist & Offensive Comments From Houseguests [VIDEO]

CBS finally aired the racist and offensive comments made by several Big Brother house-guests. Viewers were up in arms after watching the internet live feed, wanting the network to run the remarks. The comments ran during Sunday night's episode. Aaryn Elizabeth was dropped from her modeling agency and GinaMarie Zimmerman lost her job as a pageant consultant over the comments.