Want to know what happened on Big Brother season 16 episode 2? Here's a recap of what went down:

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Here we go night two, any guesses on what other twists may be revealed? Let's find out together!

First Julie introduced us to the second group of eight house guests: A photographer, a cowboy, a mother, a bartista, a police sgt, a minister, a unemployed guy from Florida, and a pedicab driver.

Weird Fact: Christine is a nudist? Kinda different for Big Brother.

First lie so far: the cop lied about his identity.

For the second HOH competition we learned that a second HOH would be crowned, but only one HOH would last till the end of the week. It doesn't seem that they get voted out, however, it seems they may lose some power. The competition took place over a BBQ pit and the winner was Caleb!

After the competition, Julie informed the house guests how the HOH twist would work. Each HOH will nominate two house guests for eviction.  When nominations are over, four will be in jeopardy of going home. In a Big Brother first, the battle of the block will take place. Frankies two nominees will battle Calebs two nominees. The nominees that win the competition, knock out the HOH that nominated them.

After the twist we found out the first part of the Team America twist: Joey.

That's what you missed on Big Brother.