Just when you thought you’ve heard from Willie Hantz for the last time, think again. Big Brother 14 villain Willie was arrested in Lafayette, LA on suspicion of drunk driving.

“According to Lafayette City Police, they received a call about a fight in parking lot around 2:07 A.M., but upon their arrival there was no fight. Instead, police say the only thing they saw was “a big crowd.” As they began to clear the scene they noticed a yellow 2012 Camaro driving toward the back of the parking lot, and as they approached the vehicle, Willie Hantz swung open the door, and started to run.”

TMZ is reporting that Hantz was caught and arrested for OWI. He refused a breathalyzer and blood test to determine if he was indeed over the legal limit. Willie has been released after posting a $750 bond.



Willie had this to say on Twitter:




[via Hot 107.9]