There's a virus going around on Facebook that can drain your bank account.  According to the New York Times, it's been around for years.  It's called Zeus and has infected millions of computers and is getting more active.

The Trojan horse infects a computer and then stays inactive until a user logs into their bank account.  The virus then steals the password and drains your account. Its so sophisticated, it can even replace your bank's webpage with it's own to get more information, like your social security number.

How it works: Fake Facebook profiles post links to Internet addresses and when a user clicks on the link, their computer gets infected with the virus.  So if you don't recognize the website link, don't click on it!

The virus is hosted from computers operated by a Russian criminal gang known as the Russian Business Network.

It seems Facebook execs are aware of the problem but aren't doing much about it.  Get more details on the virus and ways to protect your compute at the New York Times.