The kids won't have to go to school in July or on Saturday's in Central New York. It was just an April Fools joke we pulled yesterday. But we weren't the only ones pulling pranks. See the best of the best.

Colgate School of Dentistry

Colgate University has been confused with the toothpaste for years, so it makes sense they would pull an prank about opening a school of dentistry.

Price Chopper Pennies

Price Chopper told customers they would no longer be accepting pennies.

Stewart's Breakfast Ice Cream

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton parodies his wife Hillary Clinton's epic photo.

Price is Right Prank

Drew Cary and Craig Ferguson switched places for April Fools Day. Craig hosted the Price is Right while Drew took over Craig's talk show.

Dominos Edibox

Dominos announced the launch of the DominosEdibox, a world first in snackaging innovation.


Rosetta Stone Klingon Language Course

Former 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' star Michael Dorn narrated the Rosetta Stone language course that teaches Klingon

Virgin Airlines Chicago Polar Vortex

Virgin Airlines founder Richard Branson announced a new climate-control feature that allows passengers to enjoy the 'Chicago Polar Vortex'

Southwest To Mars

Southwest Airlines offers a trip to Mars.

Cheetau by Chester

Cheetos launched a Cheetos-inspired perfume called 'Cheetau by Chester.' The ad featured a woman being pelted by Cheetos like Mena Suvari in 'American Beauty.'

Google+ Hoffsome

Google+ introduced Hoffsome, where you can have David Hasselhoff photobomb you.


Reddit’s Headdit

You can now browse Reddit with your head. Nodding scrolls the page. Shaking closes links.

Samuel Adams HeliYUM

A beer that contains helium?

Sonic Kale Milkshake

Sonic unveiled their new Kale Cream Pie milkshake

Puppy Connect

American Connect launches 'Puppy Chat' to connect patients with puppies.

Lebron James Records Album


Mom I Have a Baby

A son invited his mother to his house to introduce her to his child.