Smarter than the average bear. That was Yogi Bear's self description but it could easily apply to a hungry bear in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The clever thief was spotted by security cameras outside of the Edelweiss Restaurant wheeling away a full dumpster of leftovers that probably seemed a bonanza to him. You won't believe the video.

The Consumerist reports that the ultimate destination was unknown.

The restaurant didn’t clarify how far the bear made it with the trash-filled prize before giving up or before any humans noticed. It’s clear that the bear could have taken the dumpster quite far had it wanted to. It’s like the ultimate pic-a-nic basket.

via Bear Is In The Mood For German Food, Walks Off With Restaurant’s Dumpster – Consumerist.

Since it wasn't wearing a pork-pie hat or accompanied by a little sidekick named "Boo-Boo" we know iot didn't end up in Jellystone Park!