For the fifth time in just 2 days, Utica police have been busy dealing with people who have taken 'bath salts.'  There have been more than 12 cases in the last few weeks in the Utica/Rome area.  But what are bath salts and why is it still legal? 

When I first heard about the ' bath salt' incidents, I thought it was the salt beads you put in your bathtub and wondered what people were doing with them.  In actuality, its white crystals with a combination of chemicals that people snort, smoke, shoot up with, or mix into food and drink.  It causes agitation, paranoia, hallucinations, chest pain and suicide tendencies according to WebMD.  Some zombie cases across the country have been linked back to bath salts as well.  ABC News' 20/20 did a segment on the dangerous drug.

By marketing the crystals as bath salts and labeling them 'not for human consumption,' they aren't illegal.  At least not yet.  A bill banning bath salts is awaiting the President’s signature. Senator Charles Schumer made specific mention of bath salts cases in Utica and Marcy in his push to pass the legislation.

The community is quite concerned over the increasing number of cases in the area and are voicing their opinions on the Utica PD Facebook page.

What's wrong with today's society?  Who actually thinks of this?  There had to be one person who said 'hey I wonder what would happen if...'  It's scary to think this is available for kids to purchase at stores in the area.  I guess the best you can do is educate them about the dangers of drugs and the people who use them, and hope they are intelligent and responsible enough to stay far, far away.

Source: WIBX950