Golfing in the woods. It's a yearly tradition. Tad and I enjoyed a day full of food, beverages and fun as we figured out how to hit from behind trees, out of creeks and into a 5 gallon bucket without getting hit by balls in this episode of 'Married with Microphones.'

The rules are simple. Hit the bucket in the least strokes. Lose your ball and add 2 extra strokes. Have to move your ball because it's unhittable, add another stroke.

This year's theme was superheroes and my superpowers must have been working overtime. I managed to put the ball IN the bucket 3 times, a course/woods record. I also avoided being hit by mere inches. The ball bounced off a log backward, sailing between me and a tree.

Now if those powers could just shrink the size of my butt. I didn't realize how big it actually was until watching the video.

Golfing in the Woods 2015