Sunday's the big day that NFL football fans have been waiting for...Super Bowl XLVI between the New York Giants and New England Patriots. It should be a great game, and a lot of local fan interest as the Giants are back in the big game. Having said that, interruptions during the Super Bowl, this year in particular can be extremely annoying.

So, here's a list of interruptions to avoid during the Super Bowl:

1. Taking a long distance phone call from an out-of-town relative who wants to "catch up on things".

2. Asking "Does anyone need anything while I'm up?" as you head to the kitchen for more ice (you'll be bringing them stuff for an entire quarter).

3. Offering to open that 2 liter bottle of root beer, only having it spray all over you, the food, the coffee table and the ceiling (do not try this at home, as this happened to me a few years ago).

4. Answering the door bell.

5. Attempting to put your garbage out during half-time. (That was a good idea years ago when half-time shows featured groups like "Up With People".  Now, the half-time shows are sometimes more entertaining than the first half of the game).

6. Taking phone calls from your buddies who want to rub it when if your team is losing at that point.

7. Letting the dog out just before the two-minute warning, then having to  spend the next 10 minutes trying to coax him to come back in.