If you're an average guy, maybe you can relate to these findings on how financially fit men are. I think I'm an average guy, but I'm not sure that my financial status matches this new survey.

According to Men's Health magazine:

The average guy's median income: $55,000

Percentage of guys who are unhappy with the size of their paychecks: 32

Percentage who said this in 2005: 40

How much the average guy needs to make so he wouldn't worry about money: $100,000

Percentage of average guys with a family net worth over $75,000: 46

Chances that a guy thinks he’s worth more than other guys his age: 35

Chances that he thinks he's worth less: 23

Number of guys with one month’s worth of living expenses—or less—in the bank (not including retirement savings): 1 in 2

Percentage with no cash savings at all: 1 in 5

Percentage with less than $50,000 saved for retirement: 44