Despite his slow start, Blake Shelton is picking up some talent that could win this season of 'The Voice.' Audra McLaughlin blew away all four coaches with 'Angel from Montgomery,' Miranda Lambert's favorite song and Nashville rocker Megan Ruger both joined #TeamBlake.

Audra McLaughlin

Audra McLaughlin had all four coaches fighting to have her on their team.  Adam Levine was happy to see she wasn't wearing cowboy boots.  It didn't matter what Audra wore. Her song choice of 'Angel in Montgomery' and her amazing voice had Blake telling her, 'My wife introduced me to that song.' The other three coaches complained over Blake using 'the wife card,' but he explained 'I use to watch her perform that song, so I was holding you to Miranda's standard. When you hit the last note, you know those fireworks that go off and spell stuff? It said #TeamBlake.' That's a high standard to be held to and she choose to go with Blake.  This girl is one to watch.

Audra McLaughlin 'Angel from Montgomery'

Megan Ruger

Megan Ruger sounded as good as she looked, singing 'Just Like a Pill.' Both Blake and Usher wanted her to join their team but it started to go downhill for Usher when Blake told Megan he liked her name 'It sounds like a #TeamBlake name.' The nail in Usher's coffin came when Ruger said she was from Nashville. 'Oh you do, do you. That's your favorite state isn't it Usher,' asked Blake.


Megan Ruger 'Just Like a Pill'

Voice Love Fest

The camaraderie between this season's coaches is as entertaining as the artists. Usher and Shakira fought over Morgan Wallen by complimenting each other. Not wanting to be left out of the #VoiceLoveFest Adam Levine went to his bromance, sitting on Blake's lap.

The Voice, NBC via YouTube

#TeamBlake still has fewer artists than any other team, but things are just getting interesting after Shelton's latest additions. Blind auditions continue Monday night on NBC at 8.