Are country sweethearts Tim McGraw and Faith Hill getting a divorce?  They are if you believe the National Enquirer.

National Enquirer

The cover story claims Tim is tired of being 'treated like a dog' and Faith is tired of the cheating.  The gossip magazine claims Tim is cheating with Taylor Swift.  Please!  If Tim was going to cheat on Faith, which I doubt he would, I don't think it would be with TAYLOR SWIFT!

The National Enquirer is not known for their hard news stories and don't usually back up any of their gossip with any facts.  This is the same magazine that claimed Tim had a secret son he was hiding from Faith. After 16 years of marriage, I doubt there is anything Tim and Faith hide from each other.

Reps for both Faith and Tim are denying the story.

Although we don't really know what happens behind closed doors, I seriously doubt these two are splitting up.  I'd be shocked if a divorce is on the horizon for country's sweetest couple.

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