If you're an animal lover like me, you'll love this story. It's about a turtle named "Yu" who was injured, and now thanks to science and a caring aquarium, she's attempting to  back into the "swim" of things.

According to a Reuters report on yahoo.com:

Life looked grim for Yu, a loggerhead turtle, when she washed up in a Japanese fishing net five years ago, her front flippers shredded after a brutal encounter with a shark.

Now keepers at an aquarium in the western Japanese city of Kobe are looking for a high-tech solution that will allow the 25-year-old turtle to swim normally again after years of labor and 27 models of prosthetic fins behind them without achieving their goal.

After nursing the loggerhead - an endangered species - back to health, keepers enlisted the help of researchers and a local prosthetics-maker to get her swimming again.

The latest version - made of rubber and fixed together with a material used in diving wetsuits - was unveiled on February 11 and proclaimed a success, with Yu swimming smoothly around her tank. But on Friday, one flipper slipped out as soon as she hit the water, forcing keepers back to the laboratory again."

Here's a video of Yu's story: