We've all heard that little rhyme, "April showers bring May flowers", and that's probably true. But, what else does April bring?

Here's a preview of coming April attractions:

April 4, Wednesday - Opening Night of Major League Baseball's 2012 Regular Season (even though they opened the season last week in Japan)

April 5, Thursday - Opening Day of Major League Baseball's 2012 Regular Season

April 6, Friday - Good Friday

April 7, Saturday - Holy Saturday

April 7, Saturday - Passover

April 7, Saturday - The repeal of Prohibition in 1933 (Utica Club was the first beer sold in the USA, one hour after Prohibition was repealed).

April 8, Sunday - Easter Sunday

April 9, Monday - Easter Monday/Canada

April 13, Friday - Friday The 13th (our second of three this year)

April 14, Saturday - Big Frog 104/Townsquare Media The Titanic Experience at the Stanley Theater, downtown Utica

April 17, Tuesday - Income Tax Filing Deadline (It was extended from April 15th)