And then there were five.  'Dancing With the Stars' capped off Halloween week with a nasty trick.  Nancy Grace and David Arquette were the two stars left standing at the end of the night.  So who went home?

To the shock of myself and the ballroom crowd, David was eliminated.  A chorus of boos could be heard as his name was called.  I'm sure I'm not alone when I say, I thought it would be Nancy.  Nancy probably thought it was going to be Nancy this week.

David took it well though.  His exit was graceful and he showed his gratitude for all he'd learned, about dancing and himself. 

I'll miss him next week.  I always looked forward to his time on the dance floor.  You never knew what he was going to do.  At least Ricki Lake and JR Martinez are still left.  Those two should be in the finals.

Watch David's exit:

Do you think the right person was sent home, or should it have been someone else?