A former gangster and Jimmy Hoffa friend is the latest to come forward claiming to know where the late union leader's body is buried.  Tony Zerilli, who was once the number 2 man in the Detroit mob, says he won't give up any names of those involved in Hoffa's disapearance, but he wants to solve the mystery.

Keystone/Getty Images

There's been lots of tall tales concerning the whereabouts of Hoffa's body, including old Giant's Stadium and last September, police even took soil samples from beneath a driveway in Detroit in vain.  Zerilli was in prison at the time of Hoffa's disappearnce on July 30, 1975, otherwise he says there wouldn't have been a disappearance.

Zerilli claims Hoffa's body is buried in a shallow grave less than 20 miles from the Detroit restaurant where he was last seen.  Those that scoff at the statements, say Zerilli, who is now 85 years old, is hard up for money and writing a book about his life and looking for publicity.

It seems this story raises it's head every few years.  In 2006 the owner of a Michigan horse farm claimed Hoffa's body was buried there.  While the FBI never turned up any evidience, the town of Milford, Michigan (as the pictures below show) had some fun with the week long search making special cupcakes and specialized signs at area businesses.

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