A big thank you to Angel Mary and the Tennessee Werewolves for stopping by the Frog studio to share their remake of 'Folsom Prison Blues.'  The family trio from Nashville shared the story behind the song and the band's name.  Click to check out the video.

The band features, dad - Antoine Wolf, son - Christian  and daughter - Angel Mary.  And don't think the last name of 'Wolf" is how the band got it's name.  It comes via Johnny Cash which is also how they arrived at their first single, a remake of 'Folsom Prison Blues.'

The name being derived from Johnny Cash and his song the "Beast in Me " from his American Recordings sparked the band to record Folsom Prison Blues, a song they hold close to heart. Not only did AMTW record this new epic single at the Cash Cabin where the American Reordings were recorded, they also had John Carter Cash co-produce the single and play an acoustic track on it. Giving it the "Cash" stamp of approval.

Find out more about Angel Mary and Tennessee Werewolves at their website, Face Book or Twitter.