Have you ever considered running the Boilermaker, then decided against it because you were discouraged? Anyone can do it if they set their mind to it! Yesterday was my first day of training for this year's Boilermaker 15k Road Race. It was a rough start, but you have to start somewhere.

Here is my first video blog to keep you informed of my progress and hopefully inspire you if you've made the decision to run as well.

Here I am in the final stretch!

Abby Derminio

The group I am referring to in this video is a group my step-father Peter Angelini founded two years ago this Friday. He has done a great job and he has helped to inspire many people to run for the very first time. He can help you too! If you're interested in running with The Speterz Running and Fitness Group, feel free to email my step-dad at handmsdad@aol.com. He is always looking to inspire others!