The big game is practically here. It has been one long, surprising, and crazy season. Last week we saw two phenomenal Conference Championship games and it all led to the Big Apple (Well, Jersey). It's The Denver Broncos and The Seattle Seahawks!

Super Bowl XLVIII -The Denver Broncos And The Seattle Seahawks

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There are two main factors that will effect this game. I have decided that I will break them down to better justify my pick in the end. No doubt this matchup will be incredible to watch.

The Quarterbacks
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One Quarterback a veteran, one Quarterback a young gun. They have many differences and are alike in some ways as well. The one thing that is exactly the same for both of them is they want to be the one to lead their team to Super Bowl glory.

Let me first start with Peyton Manning. Peyton Manning is coming off the season of his life. Even though he is 37 years old, he is playing like he is 10 years younger. This season he has thrown 55 touchdowns, thrown for 5,477 yards, and has completed 450 out of 679 passes thrown. He has accuracy and essential critical thinking skills. Manning has the added bonus of incredibly athletic and talented wide-receivers in Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker, and tight end Julius Thomas. There is a good probability that what Peyton wants, Peyton gets. His offense is that good. Seattle's defense is good, but during his 2006 Super Bowl season Manning ONLY (I use that word delicately) threw 31 touchdown passes, threw for 4,937 yards, and completed 362 passes. This season went a little different.

You have to give young Sophmore Quarterback Russel Wilson a lot of credit. He has brought his team to the playoffs in his first two seasons and has an incredible record. Obviously due to his age he is proned to make mistakes. Being so young and in the Super Bowl is an added challenge. That may be one of his weaknesses during the game. He has had a good season overall. He threw 26 touchdowns and has an overall QBR of 101.2. Pete Carroll does put a lot of the offensive plays into the hands of running back Marshawn Lynch, however I feel he will have to rely on the top notch play of both players.

The #1 Defense Vs. The #1 Offense
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There has been a lot of talk, rightly so, about how this is the ultimate match up. The top defense taking on the top offense. That begs the question, which side of the ball wins championships? I truly believe that no matter how good a defense plays, an explosive offense that can put up big points early and quick has the upper hand. Denver is a team that can do that. The question then becomes, can the 17th ranked offense of the Seahawks keep up with the 1st overall offense of Denver. I see Seattle having a really big problem doing that. They have no big time receiver that can come up with the big play. Now Wilson did throw some incredible passes during the NFC Championship game, but when you put the two offenses next to each other Denver's looks a whole lot better.

There is a possibility that the #1 overall defense of the Seattle Seahawks will be able to shut Peyton down. Richard Sherman has been allowing for a lot of publicity these last weeks as he proclaimed to be the best Corner to play the game. He is good. He will make it very difficult to get a good pass of to Demaryius Thomas. This regular season Sherman led the league with 8 interceptions, running one of them in for a touchdown. He was responsible for the final "nail in the coffin" play to tip Colin Kaepernick's pass to fellow defensive player Malcolm Smith for an interception, etching their names into Super Bowl history. The main difference in this game is Colin Kaepernick is nothing compared to Peyton Manning. Peyton can pass.

Watch Richard Sherman Rant Here:

This will no doubt be an entertaining and well fought battle, but what it comes down to is momentum and experience. This Denver Broncos have dominated in a lot of their games this year and two weeks ago they made Tom Brady and his New England Patriots look like a college team. This is Peyton Manning! He has a hunger and desire to win a second ring, and he's so close. The Seattle Seahawks are a great team, but they are young. They will have their chances but I just don't see them doing it tomorrow. John Fox and his Denver Broncos will be the Super Bowl XLVIII Champions.

Predicted Score: The Denver Broncos 28, The Seattle Seahawks 20

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Super Bowl XLVIII Airs Sunday, February 2nd @ 6:30 PM on FOX, Coverage begins at 2.




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