Speed painter/mentalist Robert Channing of New Hartford stopped by to talk about his 'America's Got Talent' audition. While he was there, Channing was the only one to answer our 'Are You Smarter than Polly' question and he read Polly's mind.

Imagination Into Art

Channing not only reads your mind, he paints your thoughts by creating masterpieces in minutes.  'America's Got Talent' premiered last Tuesday on NBC but his audition didn't air. 'I'm watching the promo with my family at home and I'm a mind reader and all but I was off that day, and I saw the promo thinking I'm on, but nothing happens. Then I watched the trailer that said look out for next week,' Channing says.

Robert Channing

Channing is featured in the promo for Week Two auditions, so maybe tonight is the night on NBC at 8. Although he can't say what he painted, it sure looks like Howard Stern to me. 'I met those folks and they are really, really nice. People think because starts are on a reality show, they're idiots, but they're not. They're cool.'

Since Leon & Romy appeared on America's Got Talent last season, Channing says they've spoken a lot since he auditioned. 'We do shows together and I talked with them while I was backstage.  He just told me to have fun. This is your five minutes of fame, so enjoy it.'

Stanley Theater November 15th

Channing will perform at the Stanley Theater November 15th. Tickets go on sale soon. Don't be surprised if you see Leon & Romy, who were also on America's Got Talent, make a guest appearance, since Channing showed up at their show last February.

Robert Channing

Since Channing is under contract with AGT, he couldn't paint while he was here but he did promise to return. 'I'd love to come back and create a painting in the studio that we can give away to one of your listeners.' We're holding him to it!

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America's Got Talent Promo With Robert Channing