It's down to 7 on American Idol.  One more was sent home on last night's elimination show.  In the bottom three this week were, Elise Testone, who struggled a bit, Hollie Cavanagh, who Randy said 'was pitchy' and DeAndre Brackensick, who Jennifer said had his best week.  Hollie was quickly sent to safety, leaving Elise and DeAndre.


DeAndre was the one left having to sing for his life, but in the end, the judges decided to not use their one save of the season.  At least Randy and Steven did.  Jennifer wanted to keep DeAndre.  What?!  I've been saying it for weeks, I don't get the appeal.  I apologize if you're a DeAndre fan but I say good riddance to his screechy false setto.  Watch his elimination and backstage after the show.

DeAndre Brackensick Sent Home

Backstage After DeAndre's Elimination

The Top 7 now prepare for next week. Tune in Wednesday to Fox at 8. Do you think the right person went home this week?