The American Idol finals are set after the Top 3 became the Top 2.  Who went home one week before the end?  Did you get America's vote right?

Jessica Sanchez was the first to learn she was safe and singing for the title in next weeks finale, leaving Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips.  In the end, it was Phillip who moves on and Joshua going home.  Good thing, since I bet money yesterday Phillip would sail through to the final round.

America may have chosen Jessica and Phillip for the finals but your votes had Jessica going home by over 51%.  Joshua came in second with 34.53% and most agreed, Phillip would move on since he only had 13.67% of the vote to go home.

Win or lose, Joshua has a brilliant career in front of him.  His voice is amazing and he'll be signed to a record deal in record time.  There's no way Idol music mentor Jimmy Iovine will let Joshua get away.  Hear Joshua's final words after being voted off this week.