The search for the next 'American Idol' is officially under way.  And Keith Urban will help find this season's winner with Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson.

The much publicized fight between the new judges started before they even sat in their chairs.  Mariah and Minaj remind me of two teenagers vying to be the most popular in school.  Minaj won't bow down to Mariah like she thinks everyone should.  And poor Keith is stuck between the two. But that's just my take on it.  I dislike these two women as much as I love Keith, but things may get better as the season moves along.

Idol isn't about the judges or their baggage, but the contestants and their voices.  Auditions began in the Big Apple where there was some big talent.

-Sarah Restuccio was the lone country singer of the night.  The blueberry farmer from New Jersey went from Carrie Underwood's 'Mama's Song' to 'Superbass' from Minaj, confusing Keith Urban as to what artist she wants to be.  She'll be able to figure it out during Hollywood week.
-Tenna Torres
impressed Mariah with both her voice and her photos from her stay at Camp Mariah when she was a kid. Her version of 'You've Got a Friend' brought tears to Mariah's eyes.
-Frank Ford blew everyone away with the talents he honed while singing for change on the subways of New York. It was a rocky start but his second attempt at 'Sweet Dreams' won everyone over.
-Angelina Miller showed her hearing loss in both ears couldn't stop her from earning a golden ticket, singing 'Mama Knows Best.'
-Ashlee Feliciano ended the show on an emotional note when she brought in all her foster brothers and sisters to hear the good news after singing 'Put Your Records On.'
-Christina Isabelle blew a sweet breeze into the room with 'Summertime' getting a unanimous yes from all 4 judges.
-Gurpreet Sing Sarin or the 'Turbinator' as Minaj called him, made it through after he said he had a turban matching Minaj's hair.

The Idol Spoiler Alert has 3 of these contestants making the Top 40.  If you want to find out who, go to Idol Spoiler Alert.  If you want to wait, just watch the video recaps below and judge for yourself.

Tune in tonight as the two night season premiere continues at 8 on Fox.

Sarah Restuccio 17, Hammonton NJ

Tenna Torres 28, Queens NY

Frankie Ford 24, Brooklyn NY

Angelina Miller 18, Beverly MA

Ashlee Feliciano 20, East Hartford CT

Christina Isabelle 21, Duluth GA

Gurpreet Sing Sarin 20, North Pontomac MD

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What do you think of the new judging panel and season of American Idol?