For the first time, American Idol stopped in Portland. There may not have been any country hopefuls in Oregon, but there were several standouts. Check out our top 6.

  • Brittany 'Tripster the Hipster' Zika

    'The Story'

    Tripster the Hipster doesn't look like she sings. Brittany Zika is a bit quirky but she has a beautiful voice. And she's humble. Her shocked reaction when all three judges praised her song was great. Its a nice change from the cocky contestants who think they are better than they actually are. Brittany once sang with Sara Bareilles on stage, so it was no surprise she chose a Barreilles song to sing.

  • Jermaine Jones


    Some people are just born to sing. Its in their blood. Jermaine Jones is one of those people. He blew the judges away with his version of Luther Vandross' 'Superstar.' What a deep, sexy voice he has.

  • Britnee Kellogg

    'You're No Good'

    Britnee Kellogg was one of the best highlights of the show for me. Not because of her great voice but her great story. She's a single mom of 2 young boys who had a husband 'who went from playing with basketballs to playing with other women.' So of course she sang 'You're No Good' for her audition. Jennifer Lopez even sang along. Britnee sailed through to the next round. Eat your heart out ex husband!

  • Romeo Diahn

    'Is This Love'

    Romeo Diahn was another great highlight. He's a Liberian refugee who lived in a refugee camp from the age of 5 until 2002, when his family moved to America. He made it through to Hollywood with Bob Marley's 'Is This Love.' Romeo may go far because of his unique sound. On the other hand, he may have trouble when he has to sing song from other genres.

  • Naomi Gilles


    You have to give it up to Naomi Gilles for having guts. She sang Aerosmith's 'Cryin' in front of Steven Tyler. That takes nerve. Luckily she had a great voice and is on to Hollywood.

  • Jessica Phillips


    Jessica Phillips shows what true love is all about. Her beautiful voice matches her beautiful story. She now cares for her boyfriend who suffered a stroke. Jessica's life may turn around now that she's off to Hollywood.