The guys were up first as American Idol begins the live rounds. All had wonderful voices and most hit that one note that made them stand out. But only a few had a memorable performance, from start to finish. Here my top 5 from last night's show.

  • 1

    Creighton Fraker

    True Colors

    Creighton Fraker is one of a kind. His quirky personality had him moving from his small town to New York, where he fits in with all the other one of a kind characters. He put his own spin on Cyndi Lauper's 'True Colors.' An appropriate song for such a unique guy. And man, this guy can sing! One of my favorite performances of the night.

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    Phillip Phillips

    In the Air Tonight

    Speaking of unique. Phillip Phillips may not have such a unique name but this jazzy boy can blow, as Randy Jackson would say. He also put his own spin on Phil Collins 'In the Air Tonight.' The judges didn't dig his change to the chorus, but I thought it was nice to hear something different. I think we'll be hearing the name Phillip Phillips for awhile on Idol.

  • 3

    Joshua Ledet

    You Pulled Me Through

    Joshua Ledet can not only sing, he can move people. From the second he opens his mouth I feel like I'm in church. That talent could have only come from above. What a voice! Can I get an amen?!

  • 4

    Reed Grimm

    Moves Like Jagger

    Reed Grimm opened up the show on the right note. He put his jazzy spin on Maroon 5's 'Moves Like Jagger,' and brought back memories of Casey from last season. Whether or not America relates to his performance is another question. Although I loved his version, I'm not sure he'll get the votes to move him through. I hope so. Reed is fun to watch.

  • 5

    Colton Dixon


    Colton Dixon finally got his shot. He was cut just before Idol went to the live rounds last year. The wait was worth it. He came out from behind the piano, which is unusual for him, to sing Paramore's 'Decode.' Although I've never heard the song and I'm not much of a rock fan, I loved his indie vibe. And the fact he got on top of his piano sealed the deal for me. Whether or not American dug his sound in another story.