A teen who won't live to see his 40's and Steven Tyler in drag were the highlights of American Idol auditions in Oklahoma City.

Kayden Stephenson -Having been diagnosed with the terminal illness cystic fibrosis, 16 year-old Kayden will only live to his mid thirties. He blew the judges away with not only his voice when he sang Stevie Wonder's 'I Wish,' but his positive attitude, despite his illness.
Steven Tyler - The former Idol judge showed up in drag
Halie Hilburn - Halie and her puppet 'Oscar' auditioned together, but it wasn't' until she sang solo
Zoanette Johnson - Zoanette had one of the strangest auditions.  She put her 'own flavor' on the National Anthem and how she made it through to Hollywood, I'll never know.  Her personality is what got her the golden ticket, because it couldn't' have been her voice.  Keith's reaction was priceless!

Watch the audition highlights below.  Idol's Hollywood Week begins next Wednesday on Fox at 8pm.

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Kayden Stephenson 'I Wish'

Steven Tyler - Pepper

Halie Hilburn 'Cowboy Sweetheart'

Zoanette Johnson 'National Anthem'