Now that Major League Baseball post-season play is underway, things get exciting and more of us are paying attention to the games! We've all heard about favorite football watching and tailgate snacks, but what about baseball? So, what's the number one baseball ballpark food item?

Jason Miller, Getty Images Sport

According to an article by Alex Rostowksy on, here's a list of the top 10 all-time favorite ballpark snacks (food and beverages). And the good news is, most of these you can get at home (well, maybe not cotton candy).

"10. Cotton Candy

9. Ice Cream/Lemon Chill

8. Popcorn

7. Fries

6. Polish/Italian Sausage

5. Cracker Jack

4. Brats

3. Peanuts

2. Hot dogs

And, the number one all-time favorite ballpark snack....Beer!"

No surprise there! (and yes, beer is considered a food).

What's my favorite baseball snack? Peanuts, with shells please.