For a guy who releases top ten hits on a regular basis it seems like it's been a while since we have heard an Alan Jackson hit.  Two years to be exact, when he released "Sissy's Song" in March of 2009.  It seems, Alan has been dealing with the business end of music.  Today comes the announcement that he will partner with a new record label.

“Mike Dungan and I go way back. He was right there during my early days at Arista, and it’s going to be great to work with him and his team there at Capitol,” Jackson says. “I’m happy to be joining the hottest label in Nashville.”In 1989 Alan was the first artist to sign with Arista Nashville Records.  Since then he has released 24 albums and 58 singles, 57 of which have been top 40 hits.  You can see all the details of Alan's amazing success here.  Get more information on the new record label deal here. I find it true to Alan Jackson's persona, that he named his own record label, "Alan's Country Records."