It's not every day movies are filmed in our own backyard, but the movie "Adult World" starring John Cusack and Emma Roberts was filmed in Syracuse. It will be released on February 14th. 

Emma Roberts stars as a struggling poet forced to get a job by her parents. Her parents are tired of paying her bills before she "makes it big". Sounds like every parent in the world right? Roberts then gets a job at a adult bookstore. Can we name which one in Cuse? I bet you get the picture...

Despite the new job, she hasn't yet given up on her poetry career or crush on an older writer, played by John Cusack. "Amy, fame doesn't mean everything. Not everybody's talented, OK?" he shouts at her in the trailer, which premiered on Yahoo! Movies."

"Adult World" was played at the Tribeca Film Festival last year and is set to go nationwide on February 14th.

Can you name the landmarks? I saw a First Niagara bank, and a few other downtown sights. What did you see?