Adam Levine's new look got as much attention on 'The Voice' as the performances from the Top 8. Blake Shelton wasn't at a loss for words, 'Wait that's Adam? I thought Meg Ryan was sitting in with us tonight.' The highlights, other than from Adam's blond head, came from Josh Kaufman, Christina Grimmie, who put a new twist on a Lil Wayne song and a teary eyed Sisaundra, who's mother watched her performance for the first time.


Sisaundra opened the show, performing for the first time for her mother, who was in the audience. 'My mom has only heard me sing in church,' explains Sisaundra. Singing 'River Deep, Mountain High,' Usher called her a 'diva.' I doubt she'll be going home tonight.

Sisanundra 'River Deep Mountain High'

Josh Kaufman

Who could follow Sisaundra after a performance like that? Usher's last artist Josh Kaufman, who put his unique spin on the Bonnie Raitt classic 'I Can't Make You Love Me.' The song has been done so many times, but never like this! There's NO WAY Josh is going anywhere.

Josh Kaufman 'I Can't Make You Love Me'

Christina Grimmie

Christina Grimmie closed the show with a performance of Lil Wayne's 'How to Love.' Since I'm not a rap fan, I'd never heard the song, but from the audience reaction, she killed it! Not only did her coach love it, so did America. Grimmie's version is in the Top 10 on the iTunes charts.

Christina Grimmie 'How to Love'

Audra McLaughlin

Audra McLaughlin has a killer voice but she may be in trouble after choosing an unfamiliar song. Although Rebecca Lynn Howard was impressed about her performance of 'Forgive,' the fans weren't as excited. Win or lose, Audra should be signed to a record deal and we should be playing her music on the radio.

Audra McLaughlin 'Forgive'

Jake Worthington
Jake Worthington showed his country rockin' side, performing Brooks and Dunn's 'Hillbilly Deluxe.' Will it be good enough to keep him around? I'm not sure. It was good, but up against the level of talent this year, I don't know if it was good enough. However, the fans seem to love Jake.

Jake Worthington 'Hillbilly Deluxe'

Kristen Merlin
Kristen Merlin, the only country singer not on #TeamBlake, chose Lee Brice's award winning hit 'I Drive Your Truck.' Although it didn't have the emotion Brice gives to the song, it was good enough to impress him. I have a feeling Kristen will be going home tonight, leaving Shakira without any artists.

Kristen Merlin 'I Drive Your Truck'

Gwen Sebastian returned to the Voice stage to perform 'My Eyes' with Blake Shelton.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Sebastian 'My Eyes'

Three are being sent home tonight. Who do you think it'll be. My bet is Kristen, Kat from #TeamAdam and I have no idea. Tune in to NBC at 8pm.

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