Aaron Lewis, who's gone from being the front man of the rock band Staind, to a career in country music, is bringing his unique sound to Turning Stone. I had the chance to talk with the man ofter called 'one of the most versatile artists of modern time,' but I'd just call him humble after he asked 'who have you been talking to?'

Rock to Country

How does Lewis go from a rock band to a country music career?  By going back to his roots. 'I'm a victim of my grandfather's country musical tastes. It was Waylon Jennings, George Jones, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and everything in between,' Lewis explains. Sounds like granddaddy had good taste.


Lewis came to Nashville a few years ago with a bang, getting Charlie Daniels, Chris Young and the late George Jones to star in the video for his country debut 'Country Boy.' 'I'm pretty sure that was the last recording that George ever did' Lewis says. Not a bad way to start.

'Country Boy'

The Road

Lewis' current single 'Granddaddy's Gun' off his latest album The Road, is something new for him. 'It's the first song, ever I didn't write. First time I ever heard the song it gave me goose bumps and made me all choked up.' Listening to the song, you'd never know Lewis didn't write it.

'Granddaddy's Gun'

Acoustic Music

The Road features a few acoustic songs, including 'What Hurts the Most,' a song Lewis always liked the song. 'I was never really that fond of the delivery. But I could always feel the emotion in the words but then I couldn't feel the emotion in the song. So I decided to do it the way I would do it.'

'What Hurts the Most'

Jim Wright

Country Boy

When he's not performing, Lewis likes to spend his time outdoors hunting, fishing or golfing.  He's just a Hick at heart as his hat reads. 'Nothing like wearing a true statement on your head'

Not bad for a guy who was once homeless. 'I was actually homeless at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. There was a party to pass out on the floor every night.'

Fans get the best of both worlds when Lewis performs live; from his Staind days to his latest country music.  'The songs I wrote over the years, I'm still playing them.  You'll hear 6 or 7 songs with the band then a handful of songs acoustically. Then the grand finale.'

Aaron Lewis Interview

Lewis will be in the Turning Stone showroom February 7th and 8th.

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